Helensburgh Netball Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I want to play netball but I have not played in a very, very long time, would I feel out of place if I came along?

A. HNC welcomes everyone who wants to have fun and play netball regardless of how old you are or when you last played. The club has a dedicated recreational session on a Monday night from 6.30 to 7.30pm.

Q. Where are the training sessions held and at what time?

A. We train on Monday evenings. See our training section for a map and times.

Q. How much will I pay to come along?

A. The recreational sessions are £5 per session, payable on the night. For squad training, payment is by a monthly membership.

Q. What should I wear if I come along?

A. Like any other physical activity you should wear appropriate training shoes which allow you to run in an indoor hall. We also recommend that you come to training with jogging bottoms/trackies/shorts along with a t-shirt or top that you are comfortable exercising in. Also, bring a warm item of clothing to warm up and cool down in (for example, a hoodie).

Q. Can I keep my jewellery on?

A. The only item of jewellery permitted to be worn is a wedding band and/or a medical bracelet both of which required to be taped over. All other items of jewellery must be removed.

Q. Do you train every week?

A. Yes, we provide netball sessions on a weekly basis all year round, providing that the hall facilities are open.

Q. I cannot always make it on a Monday night, will that be okay?

A. HNC appreciates how difficult it is to fit exercise into day to day life and that many times people cannot make training due to other commitments. We are open to everyone, at all times, members old and new, so please come along when it suits you best.

Q. Can I play in the League?

A. HNC has two dedicated league teams which have been selected by the coaching committee.  The league teams will be reviewed on a yearly basis during the summer in order to provide people with the opportunity to try out for the team.

Q. Does HNC have any social aspect?

A. One of the most important objectives of the Club is to make sure that people enjoy themselves!!  HNC encourages it's members to get to know each other on and off the court.  The Club organises many social events throughout the calendar year including an annual dinner dance, fundraising ceilidh and chairpersons invitational tournament, together with other nights out which everyone is welcome to attend.

Q. As a Club, do you help with any fundraising in the local area?

A. HNC prides itself on being a local Club that is willing to raise money for local causes.  The Club has already raised and donated money to the Round Table, Cystic Fibrosis Trust and SportRelief.  

Q. Can my husband / boyfriend come along to netball and play ?

A. Sadly, due to netball rules, HNC is a female only Club at this moment in time.

Q. Can my kids come and play?

A. HNC is currently only able to offer netball to women over the age of 15, however there is a junior netball club in Helensburgh - they are called G84 Junior Netball Club. 




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