Helensburgh Netball Club


Training takes place between 6.30pm and 9.45pm every Monday at Lomond School gym, shown by the green arrow on the map below.

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Recreational                  6.30 – 7.30pm

Come along and enjoy a light hearted and fun game of netball. The cost per person is £4 per session. This is a great way to get fit and make new friends, in an informal team orientated envrionment.


Squad training               7.30 – 9.45pm

This session is for all squad members and is concentrated on developing all three teams.


Weekend Sessions - Hermitage Academy

Saturday & Sunday sessions take place on a monthly basis and are for anybody. They take the format of a warm up, a short ball skills session and then just netball - the idea is to help to develop people's netballing skills in a friendly atmosphere. These sessions are also a great opportunity to try out new positions and to have a go at umpiring.

Weekend sessions take place at Hermitage Academy, 2pm until 4pm.

The next sessions:

Saturday 21 September

Sunday 27 October - 12-2pm

Saturday 30 November


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